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Why do you need Energyficient?

General Contractors

If you were planning a medium to large scale construction project, chances are you would understand the value of hiring a general contractor and already be looking for one.  In fact, successful business and facilities professionals know a general contractor brings a lot of value to a typical construction project.

General Lighting Contractors

But, if you are planning to change your light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, or other lighting over to LED; would you think a general contractor could help you?  You need to know, there is a general contractor out there that will help and they specialize in medium to large scale lighting projects!

Energyficient Systems, Inc.  is a lighting efficiency project general contractor (and lighting distributor) all in one! Energyficient is an important figure in any large-scale lighting project and will save you money, time and frustration.

Professional Lighting Design Service

First, they consult with you and work with you to develop your design goals and establish your financial priorities.  Second, they use that information to design the perfect project that fits your budget and meets your design goals.  Finally, they deliver an investment grade analysis of electric use, proposed project design options, including an illustrated financial case for each and a full construction plan, all without billing you for one dollar.  That’s right, no charge!

Why Experience is Important

Energyficient has a diverse experience with large scale lighting projects.  They are your advocate through the entire project and will save you money.  Moreover, they know how to negotiate the contracts with the installing subcontractors and will get you their lowest installed labor rates at a fixed firm price. Additionally, they know how to keep those crews on task to speed up the construction progress.  Incredibly, they will do the same with material suppliers; negotiating the lowest possible prices from the most reliable and dependable sources. Lastly, they know where to find and how to ensure you receive, every rebate or financial incentive available to you.

Coupling Costs with Design

In summary, when it comes to an LED lighting project, Energyficient is perfectly suited to save their customers money.  Lot’s of it.  No one will have the diverse project experience Energyficient has to perfectly couple the cost of installation with the cost of materials and the efficiency of both.  Contact Energyficient today and find out why you should hire them as your lighting contractor!