The Q-Dim

Precise. Programmable. User Friendly.
The Q-Dim
A precise and easy management of your poultry house lighting.
The Q-Dim Programmable Lighting Control is specifically designed to control the intensity of LED lighting products and is designed to adapt to a variety of controlled environments. It is exceptionally well suited for all types of farm buildings including poultry houses, pig houses, dairy barns, and greenhouses. Users can automatically control the intensity of light and the duration of the light. 20 different periods are available, and each period can have 12 dusk to dawn sequences and 20 light peaks.
  • Easy to install, program and use
  • Two 1,000W dimming outputs
  • Smooth transitions in light intensity changes
  • Internal clock with battery backup keeps time in case of power outage
  • Two analog 0-10V outputs to drive remote controllers or as inputs to dim light according to signal level
  • Can act as a slave unit controlled by 0-10V output
  • USB port for firmware updates and backup/restore configurations
  • Min/Max intensities can be specified as a percentage of full lamp intensity
  • Customize light intensity according to applied voltage
  • Protection against leaving bypass switch in the ON position
Product Information & Part Numbers
  • 10.5" height
  • 8.7" width
  • 5.5" depth
  • 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
  • 5° to 122°F (-15° to 50°C)
Q-Series Products

Relative Humidity

  • 5 to 90% without condensation

Dimming Output

  • 2 x 1,000W with electronic bypass switch for each output


  • 20 programmable periods based on flock age with simulated sunrise/sunsets, 12 light cycles/day, and 20 stimuli (light peaks)/day

Part Numbers

Programmable Control Q-DIM