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Town Center of Aurora

The Town Center in Aurora, Colorado is an enclosed, two-level shopping center that is home to over 130 stores and restaurants. With aging equipment, it was becoming increasingly expensive to operate and maintain the nearly 900 recessed downlight fixtures that existed throughout the center’s interior.

After meeting with key facility managers to determine the project’s needs and goals, we engineered and implemented an LED design solution that was cost-effective, energy efficient, and dependable. Using an eight-inch LED recessed downlight retrofit kit allowed us to deliver high performance white light while optimizing annual savings. And by reusing existing eight-inch frames, installation was done quickly and easily.

The benefits of an LED retrofit project are significant for the Town Center of Aurora. By using a low wattage solution, we reduced the amount of energy used for lighting by nearly 70%, which helped establish a quick payback period. Maintenance and associated costs have also been minimized with the fixture’s longer rated life of over 120,000 hours. Performance optics efficiently direct light in a balanced output with low glare, creating a comfortable environment for all shoppers.