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Pinnacle Foods, Inc

Pinnacle Foods, Inc. is a packaged foods company specializing in shelf-stable and frozen foods. In food processing applications, lighting systems must be able to endure the tough conditions and demanding environments, which is why the right lighting is critical. Using a combination of new LED fixtures and retrofits, our design team engineered, implemented, and constructed a energy saving solution for a facility wide LED upgrade – providing substantial energy savings year after year.

Holophane Petrolux Hazardous Location LED High Bay

Pursuing energy savings at an affordable cost, led us to utilize cutting-edge technology throughout the facility. Metal halide, class 2, div 2 pendant mount fixtures were replaced with high-performance hazardous location (class 2, div 2) high bay fixtures to evenly illuminate work areas. New fixtures not only provide savings on the electric bill, but reduce maintenance needs through a more reliable lighting solution. And in the demanding industrial spaces, having proper illumination is essential for safety.

Type B Tubes = Lowest Cost of Ownership

Linear fluorescent fixtures were retrofitted with ballast bypass LED tubes, which offer the lowest cost of ownership. Removing the fluorescent ballast and operating tubes directly off main voltage is more reliable and offers greater energy savings compared to other retrofit options. To optimize energy savings and extend fixture life, occupancy sensors were installed in office spaces. Using sensors helps maintain the workplace by automatically turning the lights on/off based off of the rooms vacancy.

On the outside, wall pack and flood light fixtures were replaced with LED fixtures while industrial jar fixtures were retrofitted with LED lamps. A majority of exterior fixtures ran 24/7 due to faulty photocell control. Installed fixtures had an on-board photocell to correct that issue and provide Pinnacle Foods with greater energy savings.

Implementing an extensive list of LED lighting and control products will help contribute to a clean, safe, and visually effective work environment. Minimizing costs associated with operation and maintenance in a cost-effective way is something Pinnacle Foods will benefit from year after year.