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North Harrison R-III School District

This project started with one goal in mind: energy savings. During our pre-project interview process the project engineers at Energyficient discovered the school wanted to increase the light output in its gymnasium, consolidate lamp and ballast types, and replace many fixtures that were either not safe or un-repairable. The project included 102 new interior light fixtures and 15 new outdoor fixtures. In an effort to provide sustainable energy savings through system maintenance cycles, Energyficient retrofitted 250 recessed fixtures using specially engineered reflector kits that reduce the lamp count in a four-lamp fixture to two, and utilize easily replaced ballasts and sockets. These kits are highly recommended because they increase the efficiency or performance of the old fixture by 50 percent or more. Energyficient upgrades the lamp color to a more neutral 5000K high vision color that dramatically increases the impact of the upgrade. We also consolidated their existing light bulb inventory from over 11 different lamp types down to just three. Imagine the savings in maintenance time and materials!