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Huffman’s Farm and Home Store

Retailers like Huffman’s are always on the lookout for cost-saving ideas. Huffman’s had been searching for the right lighting efficiency project for years. It wasn’t until they met Energyficient and our engineered approach that they were able to approve a project. Their project started like many others with one primary goal in mind: cost savings. Huffman’s operates their stores seven days a week for total annual hours of operation at 4500. Their retail business wouldn’t tolerate lower lighting levels  with an existing lighting system that was made up of full wattage 32W T8, and 2-lamp 8-ft slim-line 65W lamps in standard strip fixtures that were lamped with 700 series, cool white (4100K) T8 and T12 lamps. We engineered a new reflector retrofit kit that improved both the horizontal foot candles and the vertical foot candles on the store shelves. This new kit used our high-lumen 5000K 32W T8 4-ft lamp. These new high-lumen lamps, when combined with high-efficiency ballast, create a super system that produces more than 98 lumens per watt. They also needed an answer to the fading in their clothing section that was caused by fluorescent lamps. Energyficient found a method of removing 99.9% of the harmful UV-rays from the fluorescent tubes.