Energyficient Q-Lux LED Dimming information

Compatible Dimmer Models

No Brand Model
1 Lutron TGCL-153PH-LA
2 Lutron DVW-603PGH-WH
3 Lutron CT-600PR-WH
4 Lutron DV-600P
5 Lutron S-600
6 Lutron SLV-600P
7 Lutron DVLV-600P
8 Lutron MAVL-600
9 Leviton 6673-P
10 Leviton IP106
11 Leviton IPM06
12 Leviton VPE06
13 Pass & Seymour HCL453PTCCCV6
14 Pass & Seymour 602-INI06-ILW
15 Decora 602-INI06-ILW

Incompatibilities or Restrictions:

  • This Light engine is designed for built‐in in the luminaire. Therefore protection against electrical shock (isolation, keeping clearance, earthing etc) is responsible to luminaire assembler, and Ingress Protection Index (IP) is not rated.
  • Performance results may vary based upon dimmer model, manufacturer, circuit wiring and circuit loading.