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Meet the Q-Series

The wet location powerhouse that saves time and money!

Toughest Electrical Products, Easiest Decision.


Meticulously engineered with durability and simplicity in mind, the patented Q-Series leads the lighting industry with industrial-grade products that are built to shine in the toughest environments. From agriculture applications to industrial settings, Energyficient’s LED, utility jar and junction boxes offer streamlined design, eliminating cumbersome installations while increasing efficiency and savings. Simply put, the Q-Series will single-handedly transform your lighting solutions, outlast the competition and exceed your expectations.


  • FicientLock™ eliminates screws for assembly
  • UL wet location rated; withstands power washing, IP69K
  • Withstands high temperatures: 54,000 hours of life at 60⁰C (140⁰F) ambient
  • Cut installation time in half with captive gaskets, no assembly screws and the FicientLock™ system
  • Patented. Made in America


  • Patented technology that eliminate assembly screws.
  • Twist, lock and it’s watertight.
  • Cuts installation time by more than half.