Q-Lux: Retrofit

The rugged and efficient Q-Lux retrofit is a high performance LED light engineered for toughness in wet conditions. In fact, it’s IP69K rated, which means it can withstand power washing at 1450 PSI with 176° F water from just four inches away. And the innovative heat sink was expertly designed to dissipate all heat, giving it 54,000 hours of life at 1200 lumens—consistently.

rugged reliability

  • 12W, 1200 Lumen LED light
  • Innovative heat sink design; 54,000 hours at 1200 lumens
  • No additional wiring necessary
  • Dimmable for customized brightness
  • IP69K rated (withstands 1450 PSI/176° F)
  • Retrofit Q-Lux fits most jar bases 3 1/4” diameter threads

easy installation

Original Fixture Remove bulb and jar Screw Q-Lux into fixture

Outperform inside and out

The retrofit Q-Lux is a rugged, long-lasting 12W LED utility light designed to replace your existing light bulb in a traditional jelly jar fixture. No additional wiring is needed and it’s easy to install. The Q-Lux retrofit can be pressure washed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

spec sheet instruction manual

Environmental and Safety Ratings

Suitable for wet locations.

ETL Listed, Certified to UL Std. 1598C, CAN/CSA 22.2 #250.0

Product Information


1200 Lumens at 500K, wide beam with low glare


4.86” height
4.5” width


12 Watts


54,000 hours of life


Indoor/outdoor wet and hose down applications at -40°C/-40°F to 60°C/140°F


120V, 12W, and continuous dimming capability with most dimmers


15 per box


5 years,
54,000 hours

Part Numbers (sold separately)

Retrofit 5000K Q-Lux


Retrofit 2700K Q-Lux